Welcome to a land where the king reigns supreme

History would prove Raub to be a rather prosperous town. It was a noted gold mining settlement, and the name ‘Raub’ itself means ‘scoop’ in Malay, referring to the discovery of gold sediments in every scoop of earth during its heydays.

Its durian farming legacy began in the 90s but only received widespread attention in the recent years. Today, the name Raub has become synonymous with Durians especially the Musang King cultivar whereby in 2018 the Department of Agriculture declared that Raub is the *Home of Musang King*.

Raub is approximately 110 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur and consists of 7 sub districts including Tras – where our farm is located.

The Ample Harvest Farm is a sprawling 1000-acre development, slated to be among the largest and most advanced Durian farming facility in the district, to be complemented with a 110,000 sq ft durian processing production facility to prepare fruits for export.

Raub, Pahang


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