Our Durians

Our farm will comprise largely of D197 @ Musang King cultivar with a mix of D24, D200 @ Black Thorn, D168 @ Durian IOI and other cultivars. These varieties have proven to be exceptionally popular locally as well as internationally.

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    D197 (Musang King)

    Characterised by thick and creamy texture with a consistent bittersweet taste – the Musang King is easily the most popular durian variety around. To distinguish the Musang King from other breeds, look for the unique star-shaped pattern at the bottom of the fruit and pyramid-shaped thorns near the stem.

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    This is the variant that ruled the 90s and many locals are still fond of the D24 today. Originating from Pahang and Johor, the yellowish flesh of the D24 fruit is thick yet firm with a sweet and somewhat bitter taste. The stem of the durian is shorter compared to other durians and look out for a brown ring around the base of the stem.

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    D200 (Black Thorn)

    Originating from Penang, the Black Thorn has a small, distinct black ‘tail’ at the bottom of the fruit – which is actually a shriveled remainder of the flower stamen still attached to the fruit. The Black Thorn has gained an immense following among durian lovers thanks to its reddish-orange, custard-like flesh that’s creamy and sweet.

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    D168 (IOI)

    Known affectionately as ‘Hajjah Asmah’, ‘Durian Mas Muar’ or more commonly as ‘Durian IOI’, this variant offers smooth yellowish – orange flesh that’s bursting with creamy sweetness. The grayish green skin of the fruit is surprisingly easy to open and the fruit itself is easily identifiable by its distinctly short stem (peduncle).

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