With global exports worth billions, and no sign of waning interest – the Durian, especially the prized D197 aka Musang King has proven to be well worth its weight in gold. The ‘King of Fruits’ is now a highly prized commodity, making waves around the world.

Demand is expected to rise, and it is our intention to ride along this trajectory. Now, there are more opportunities than ever for Durian lovers to savour the King of Fruits right at its source.

Farming Malaysia’s new source of wealth

Royal Pahang Durian Produce Sdn Bhd is strategically formed with distinguished shareholders to develop a durian fruit farm and durian fruit processing factory on a piece of 1000-acre land located within Tras, Raub - the famed durian-growing district in Pahang. The Tras area together with Sang Lee, Sungai Chetang, has long been considered the home of ‘Musang King’ cultivation in Malaysia.

Meet The Team

Welcome to a land where the king reigns supreme

History would prove Raub to be a rather prosperous town. It was a noted gold mining settlement, and the name ‘Raub’ itself means ‘scoop’ in Malay, referring to the discovery of gold sediments in every scoop of earth during its heydays.Its durian farming legacy began in the 90s but only received widespread attention in the recent years. Today, the name Raub has become synonymous with Durians especially the Musang King cultivar whereby in 2018 the Department of Agriculture declared that Raub is the *Home of Musang King*.


The Royal Pahang Durian Advantage

The Right Location

Integrated Facilities

GAP and GMP Certification Standards

Organic-based Fertilisers

Advanced Irrigation System

Elevated Terrain

EIA Compliance

Sustainable Farming Practices

Experienced Agronomists


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